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This is the story of two countries. When a battered dinghy brushes up against the beach in Deal, Kent. The collision of ives allows for promises and unimaginable choices to be made. 

The magic of this story is how it unfolds and how your own perception of hope and freedom comes at a price.

For those whose lives have collided, it can only ever give life-affirming strength and resilience to keep going.

It's a story where love and fate run hand in hand, where hope can blossom when all else has been lost. The unravelling of the past and the brilliance of the future where the truths are finally shared.

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NEW Novel
"Jack's Story" 

Jack's Story is a poignant war time tale of a young paratrooper from New Zealand whose courage allows him to live as a farmhand post war in rural Devon.


When the daughter of the Earl and Countess of Devon goes missing and a girl is found by the children of Appledaw Farm, tongues begin to wag.

Jack who fought in World War Two and now a simple farmhand shelters her. But nothing is what it seems.


Will his story of war and her story of betrayal be enough to save them?

A spellbinding story of love that came from betrayal...


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