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NEW Novel
"Jack's Story" 

Jack's Story is a poignant war time tale of a young paratrooper from New Zealand whose courage allows him to live as a farmhand post war in rural Devon. 


When the daughter of the Earl and Countess of Devon goes missing and a girl is found by the children of Appledaw Farm, tongues begin to wag.

Jack who fought in World War Two and now a simple farmhand shelters her. But nothing is what it seems.


Will his story of war and her story of betrayal be enough to save them?

A spellbinding story of love that comes from betrayal...

Author - J.V. Phaure

Author of thrilling suspense novels:
"The Butterfly Trap", "Girl on the Beach" and
her new Novel ... "Jack's Story"

J.V. Phaure is a British author, best known for her novels ‘Girl on the Beach’ and ‘The Butterfly Trap’ as its gripping sequel.


She is best known for writing suspense style novels and thrillers and will touch on real life issues.

She loves nothing more than to sit in her favourite coffee shop or on the beach and people watch and write. She lives with her family in North Essex.