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The Butterfly Trap

by J.V. Phaure

The sequel to 'Girl on the Beach'. 


After Lucy is beaten and left for dead by her ex-fiancé, Charlie Wainwright, she finds herself too frightened to ever be left alone again. Yet when her boyfriend tries to console her, she shrinks away, traumatised.


As she struggles to pull together the broken threads of her life, the cool, unwavering Detective Inspector Phillips resolves to go all out to catch her assailant.


At first, Charlie slips the net –and the trail has gone cold. But Phillips has one last card to play. It means going beyond his normal remit. It means risking more than he is prepared to stake. And it may mean the end of everything for Lucy.


But is it enough to trap a hunted man who, cornered, would commit the unthinkable?

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Girl on The Beach

by J.V. Phaure

A taut, fast-paced novel of psychological suspense.


Lucy, a writer from London has left her abusive fiancé, escaping to the coast of North Essex to start a new life, hoping her ex won't find her.


The tension rises, threatening texts and unexplained events leave Lucy unsettled.


Is Lucy really safe?

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NEW Novel
"Jack's Story"

Jack's Story is a poignant war time tale of a young paratrooper from New Zealand whose courage allows him to live as a farmhand post war in rural Devon.


When the daughter of the Earl and Countess of Devon goes missing and a girl is found by the children of Appledaw Farm, tongues begin to wag.

Jack who fought in World War Two and now a simple farmhand shelters her. But nothing is what it seems.


Will his story of war and her story of betrayal be enough to save them?

A spellbinding story of love that comes from betrayal...